Problems in Finding Veterinary Job Vacancies

Veterinary job vacancies
are not always easy to find, and even if you find them you might have a problem with some factor that is not directly connected with the job. Perhaps it is located too far from where you are prepared to travel, or maybe it is not in an area of your speciality.

For example, you may be\an unemployed veterinary surgeon with qualifications and experience in equine work, and are reluctant to take up a permanent position with a practice that focuses on small animals. What do you do? Jobs may be getting scarce with the influx of Europeans and other seeking work in the UK, so can you really afford
to turn down work, even if it not to your liking?

How about locum veterinary jobs oz? Many experienced veterinary surgeons are reluctant to work as a locum vet, because they believe it is either beneath them or they believe they will find a permanent position soon. How long a gap in your CV are you prepared to tolerate – in fact how long a CV gap are prospective practices prepared to tolerate?

Nobody will be keen on employing a vet who has been out of work for a few years – and perhaps even afew months. You would have to prove you have been maintaining your CPD and are well versed in the theory and practice of new techniques and advances in pharmacology and surgical procedures. This is easy to let slide when you are out of work – even temporary work.

Perhaps veterinary job vacancies as a locum vet would be better for you professionally than no work at all – until you find that permanent position. By working as a locum you would maintain contact with fellow professionals and feel more incentive to continue
your CPD and read up on the latest from the RCVS. You would feel part of the
profession, rather than sitting on the sidelines waiting – and hoping.


Locum veterinary work is just as tasking and demanding as permanent work – in fact it can be even more so, since you would be facing a new set of challenges with each placement. You might even get to prefer it and it might be the answer if you are approaching retirement date.

Further advise can be found through Veterinary Recruitment Agencies.
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Many experienced veterinary surgeons do nothing but take veterinary job vacancies as a locum vet, because it gives them something they couldn’t get working full time with a single practice – variety and freedom of movement.  Freedom to switch to a different part of the country at will, and the freedom to work when they want, and rest or vacation
when they want, without the commitment to an individual practice.


Locum veterinary work is not without its drawbacks of course. You have to travel to where the work is, and you have to find transport and accommodation – though both are often provided for you by the practice. You also have to pay your own tax, but many simply declare themselves a limited company which is probably the best way if you
intend working as a locum for a protracted period. Otherwise just be self-employed, and make your tax return the same as any other self-employed person.

You will also have to insure yourself for professional liability, but it’s easy enough to buy insurance these days.  Shop around and find the best policy at the lowest price. You would likely be advised to purchase an annual policy rather than just for the tenure of the position, because it is the least expensive way to do it if you intend working as a locum vet until you find a permanent job.

Many people look down on locum work, but perhaps that’s your answer to the problems you are experiencing in finding permanent veterinary job vacancies. Perhaps after a few months as a locum vet you will find the permanent job of your dreams. The thing is, while you are waiting you are still earning money, you are still maintaining your
professional ability and you are still retaining your professional self respect.

It may not be the best answer, but it is an answer and it’s an answer to finding veterinary job vacancies for many vets, young and old, who just want to keep on working. There are locum vet employment agencies available online that are made just for you,and will not only provide you with all the information you need on tax and
insurance, but also help you find the work.

Finding veterinary job vacancies can be difficult in today’s climate and with freedom of movement in the EU. It is often better for those without work to look for locum veterinary jobs or similar jobs through a professional job broker.
Jobs until they find a permanent position, because then they remain in contact with vets and have more incentive to maintain their CPD and keep in touch with modern developments:  both essential for future permanent employment.


Automatic Driveway Gates Improve Driveway Security Double Swing Gate

Automatic driveway gates improve driveway security and are easier to use than manual gates. Traditional manual security gates with all sorts of locks and padlocks attached can often be restrictive in the time it takes for you to open them. An automatic driveway gate avoids all of this and also offers other benefits.

One of these benefits is that automatic driveway gates look good and add value to your home. They also benefit gated communities, where only residents or those with prior authorization can enter. So how does the concept of security go along with easy access? If a gate is easy for residents to open, how does it prevent intruders from gaining access?

Automation! Automatic gates are opened by sending a signal to the motors that operate the gate. Usually there will just be one motor, unless you have double swing gates. You will then need a separate motor and opening device for each gate. Here is how automatic gates can offer security combine with ease of access.

Automatic Driveway Gate Operation

There are several ways to open automatic driveway gates, or any gate to be truthful. Manual operation is not normally one of those used for secure systems! One convenient manual way to open a gate or door is to use a press-pad by the gate, or on a post close to the gate, so drivers can lean out and press the pad. Very convenient for those for whom security is not a serious issue. Many private homes use this system so that any visitor can open the gate. Here are some others.

Keypad Operation: In order to operate the gate, a key code must be entered via a keypad. If you don’t know the code then you cannot get in! This is one option for a gated community. The code is like a bank PIN – a four-figure number that only those authorized for entry will be given. This is often used by hotels, golf clubs and similar premises, but it can also be used for private residences. The PIN can be changed at any time for added security, and each person can be given their own PIN just like with bank cards.

Wireless Automatic Driveway Gate Operation: Automatic driveway gates can be operated using a radio signal from your car. You have a button fitted to your dash that opens the gate when you press it. Alternatively, you can send the signal sent from a hand-held device, so you can open the gate from any vehicle or even if you are walking. Once you activate the signal, the gate opens. Only authorized people will be given the device.

Remote Opening: Automatic driveway gates can also be opened remotely from a guardhouse or from the residence. A button can be pressed and an intercom system used to request entry. CCTV can be employed to confirm identity. This may be extreme for regular home driveway security, but is an option for gated communities or other secure areas.

The system can incorporate proximity sensors so a swing gate will not open if your vehicle is too close it. This avoids damage to your car and to the gate if the gate swings onto your car. A proximity sensor will prevent this happening. There are other methods of avoiding damage from the gates:

Loop Detectors for Driveway Security

Loop detectors are set below the surface of the driveway to detect the presence of vehicles. They are used to prevent driveway gates closing too quickly and hitting the vehicle. They also prevent tailgating, where one car immediately follows another to gain unauthorized access.

Another use for a loop detector is to detect the approach of a vehicle and automatically open the gates to allow access. This is of little use for security, but is often preferred by homeowners who have nothing to do except slow down while the driveway gate opens.

These are the most common ways in which automatic driveway gates improve driveway security. Between them, they meet the needs of any requirements from individual homeowner, gated communities, private clubs, businesses and other secure premises. Contact us if you have any specific requirement by calling us on 09- 357 68 83 or using our Automatic Gates Kiwi Contact Form.